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Ethical canine connections with MyPetBond

Enterprising Irish vet Dr Tim Kirby hopes his new venture, MyPetBond, will become the go-to platform for a safe and professionally supported ethical puppy-buying experience.

“MyPetBond,” he explains, “stands as the ultimate destination for those seeking ethical puppy breeders and the perfect canine companion. Rooted in a profound commitment to the welfare of dogs, we guarantee that every puppy and dog within our network is not only healthy, vaccinated and well-socialised but also cherished beyond measure.”

Exclusively partnering with “safe, ethical and trusted breeders”, when you choose MyPetBond “you’re not merely acquiring a dog; you're embracing a philosophy that reveres the lifetime care and happiness of your new furry family member”, he says.

Tim set up PetBond initially in his native Ireland in 2020. To date, PetBond has successfully facilitated over 600 puppies and 250 dogs to new homes along with the successful adoption of 100 canine rescues. With the ever-present threat from puppy farms and illegal importation of puppies, Tim says he has been inundated with requests from UK-based individuals and families looking for an ethically-bred puppy. Now, after an extensive process of validating UK breeders with pups to sell, his new venture launches this month.

The new platform is “dedicated to promoting a community that protects and supports puppies/dogs, buyers, and breeders alike”. It also has a dedicated network of over 300 vet clinic partnerships.

“With our comprehensive security measures, users can buy and sell with confidence, knowing their personal information and any financial transactions are protected,” Tim says.

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