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Getting to know... Dr Nat Scroggie

An occasional feature where we ask our contributors some serious, searching questions.

MCU or Star Wars? Or something else entirely?

Neither… but I will confess to identifying as a “Trekkie” as a child! Watching Star Trek together was a weekend ritual with my dad. I remember vividly being absolutely outraged at losing a fancy dress competition to a girl dressed as a princess – we thought my Klingon costume complete with face clay was far better!

How “down with the kids” are you? Do you speak “Teenager”?

As new parents, my partner and I are very much under the impression that we will be super cool parents. At six months old, our little girl has yet to inform us otherwise.

What do you want to be when you grow up?

I am still really aspiring to be a grown-up. Does anyone ever really feel like they have achieved grown-up status?

Two weeks on the moon – what do you pack?

Dairy Milk chocolate, classical music and a great book! Two-week spa break on the moon sounds exactly what I need right now…

Who would play you in a film about your life?

I would love it to be Emma Watson – she’s smart, empowering, and independent. But my partner immediately said the actress who plays Matilda!

If you could “come back” as an animal for your next life, which would it be?

I would love to be a domesticated dog if I had a really great carer. I am very needy, so maybe a Labrador!

Tell us a terrible joke…

Amid the fuel crisis, this one feels appropriate.

Q: Which Spice Girl can carry the most fuel?

A: Geri can.


What’s your signature dish?

I am an absolutely terrible cook – I don’t know why, but I am incapable of following a recipe or using accurate quantities. Now my little girl is weaning, I am having to level up to “grown-up” in our house. Today I Googled how to make her an omelette.

If animals didn’t exist, what would you be doing instead?

If I could retrain as anything, I would love to become a Lactation Consultant. The UK has one of the lowest breastfeeding rates in the whole world, and I would love to be part of empowering more women with the information and support to breastfeed if they want to.

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