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The first Asto Equina CT scanner to be installed in Wales at Cotts Equine Hospital

Cotts Equine Hospital is proud to announce a major advancement in equine imaging with the installation of the first Asto Equina® CT scanner in Wales. This cutting-edge technology will be housed in the hospital's new facility on their Cowbridge site, set to open later this summer. The Equina® CT scanner has been carefully selected by the expert team at Cotts Equine Hospital for its exceptional image quality, user-friendly operation, and rapid image acquisition. This new addition will enable Cotts to provide affordable and advanced imaging services to their valued clientele, as well as referring practices in the South West.

Hospital surgeon, Richard Coomer, expresses his enthusiasm, stating, " With the Equina® we finally see technology that can actually be really useful for us and help to shape the future of our practice. Its affordability allows it to compete with mobile digital radiology, which is often hindered by poor diagnostic quality. By offering streamlined CT scans as day patient procedures, we can now deliver superior diagnostic value to a wider range of cases. The Equina® will undoubtedly enhance our new hospital's capabilities, elevating the level of imaging we provide."

The introduction of the Equina® CT scanner aligns perfectly with Cotts Equine's ongoing commitment to excellence in clinical care. Since its establishment in 2005 with just two vets, the practice has expanded significantly, with a team of 34 dedicated professionals, a state-of-the-art hospital in Pembrokeshire, and two ambulatory branches in Swansea and Cowbridge. The forthcoming Cowbridge facility, equipped with the Equina CT scanner in pride of place, exemplifies Cotts Equine Hospital's unwavering dedication to continuous improvement and the delivery of unparalleled service to their clients and patients.

Asto CT CEO, David Ergun, shares his delight, stating, "Asto CT is thrilled to partner with Cotts Equine Hospital as they become the first clinic in the UK to install the Equina® CT scanner. We have witnessed first-hand the transformative impact our scanner has had in clinics worldwide. The Equina's innovative fan-beam technology enables high-quality imaging of both bone and soft tissue up to the carpus and tarsus, making it an invaluable tool for lameness diagnosis. With its exceptional efficiency and the elimination of the need for general anaesthesia, patients can experience a swift and stress-free scanning process in under 10 minutes. We are proud to support Cotts Equine Hospital's team of vets with this advanced diagnostic imaging system."

Cotts Equine Hospital serves a diverse case load across all horse breeds and envisions the Equina® CT scanner to be accessible to all. Richard further explains, “The affordability of Equina® ensures that most of our clients can benefit from this technology. Our goal is to replace the thousands of radiographs that we currently take with CT scans. We anticipate this technology benefiting all our clients, from pleasure horses to national hunt and standardbreds. The Equina® CT scanner offers an alternative for pre-purchase examinations and provides more comprehensive insights compared to radiographs. It can capture an entire foot series in just 30 seconds, resulting in increased patient through-put. We strongly believe that Equina® holds immense potential and are pleased to offer our clients the benefits of this technology.

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About Asto CT

Asto CT® was founded in 2015 as a result of a research collaboration between the University of Wisconsin-Madison (UW) School of Veterinary Medicine and the Morgridge Institute for Research.

Our team has a combined 100+ years of experience with deep expertise in medical product development and hands-on veterinary care. Our patented approach allows imaging of lower limbs and of the head and neck of a sedated horse in the standing position.

Asto CT was founded on the principle of offering safe, high-quality CT imaging to improve quality of life for horses and ensure peace of mind for owners. Our state-of-the-art equine CT scanner, the Equina®, is customized to meet the needs of horses in a safe and comfortable environment for the animal.

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