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The Veheri platform for veterinary diagnostic imaging ‘provides a free collaboration workspace and offers teleradiology reporting services’


Veheri is revolutionising veterinary diagnostic imaging through its free collaboration and education platform, connecting a global community with a wealth of fascinating cases. As the fastest-growing platform in its field, Veheri already hosts thousands of veterinarians, including hundreds of imaging specialists from around the world.

The platform offers a comprehensive suite of services under Veheri #Diagnostics, including full teleradiology and teleneurology reporting services. Users gain access to advanced smart tools designed to enhance diagnostic capabilities. Additionally, Veheri meets rigorous data protection standards and quality requirements, featuring a medical-grade DICOM viewer tailored with veterinary-specific measurement tools to ensure the highest level of data integrity and usability.

Veheri encourages collaboration through various features such as closed groups and case collections, which serve both private and educational purposes. These elements foster a rich learning environment and facilitate professional networking and growth.

Signing up is free and straightforward, inviting veterinary professionals to join a worldwide network. Members can explore a diverse range of imaging cases and even request #Teleradiology reports from board-certified radiologists and neurologists. By joining Veheri, veterinarians not only enhance their diagnostic skills but also contribute to a growing body of knowledge that benefits the entire veterinary community. Dive into Veheri today and become part of a pioneering platform dedicated to excellence in veterinary medicine.



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